Turn PR into ‘Profit’ for your business for 'FREE’

Turn PR into ‘Profit’ for your business for 'FREE’

Here at FCM Associates we are so passionate about Public Relations (PR) that we offer small to medium sized businesses a FREE guide on how to use PR to publicise their news and build business performance.

Called, Turning PR in Profit, the easy to follow guide is available to download today and has already helped many people learn about the potential of PR and apply its principles to their business.

Local entrepreneur Lindsay Burton has used the FREE Turning PR into Profit guide to promote her contemporary and classic mulled drinks company called Lindsay’s Still Room, she said: “I found the guide to be informative and easy to understand, without any of the specialist jargon. It helped me produce a Press Release which was picked up my local newspaper, The Derby Telegraph and I was asked to be interviewed on local radio.  I would recommend with hesitation using the guide and the services of FCM Associates.”

So what is PR?

Put simply, PR is the way in which an individual or organisation deals with other people or the public. Not only can PR help increase the public’s awareness and perception of your business, if managed correctly, it can offer significant opportunities for you to actually promote it to a wide range of people.

There is a misconception that PR is only for big businesses, but this is simply not the case. The press is very receptive to anyone who has interesting news for the public to hear about.

So why not give your business a boost this Autumn to promote a new product or service!

Click here to download the FREE ‘Turning PR into Profit’ guide to help kick start your campaign.

If you read the guide but still feel you need professional support, do not hesitate to get in touch with the team at FCM!


01 Aug 2017

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