Client News: World’s First Escape Maize Maze Planned at Staffordshire Farm

Client News: World’s First Escape Maize Maze Planned at Staffordshire Farm

The escape room craze is coming to Burton on Trent with a twist as a farm park prepares to launch the world’s first ever escape maize maze. 

FCM is delighted to be working with the National Forest Adventure Farm, who will be launching the Escape Maze: Agent Academy in July. 

Details of the exact design and content are being kept top secret. However, expect to find a series of mental and physical problem-solving tasks hidden throughout the game. 

Tom Robinson, one of the two brothers who own the farm and the brainchild behind the idea, said: “We are really excited to be launching our new venture. Escape rooms are really popular at the moment so we wanted to go a bit further and mix two of our favourite things - the great outdoors and puzzles - in what we believe to be the world’s very first escape maize maze.” 

So do you have what it takes to break the codes and escape the maze? 

The spy themed maize maze, which marks 65 years since the first James Bond book Casino Royale by Ian Fleming was published in 1953, will see families and groups pit their wits against the maze and work together to graduate at the Agent Academy and become the next top spies. 

For younger agents there is also a mini maze where they can free the farms animals that have been kidnapped by an evil mastermind and need rescuing. 

Talking about the new design, Tom said: “After 65 years we think it is time James Bond retired and we are looking to train up the next generation of spy recruits needed to replace him.”

The escape room concept, currently sweeping the UK, started in Budapest in 2011 and since then thousands of puzzle solving rooms have appeared across the globe. Outdoor sites are also starting to open. However it is believed the Burton farm will be the first to use the escape room concept of solving puzzles and codes to break out of a maize maze. 

The idea of using maize rather than traditional hedgerow to create a maze was first introduced in Pennsylvania in 1993. The National Forest Adventure Farm has been creating a different maize maze each year since 2004 and the attraction’s popularity and use of ever differing designs sees thousands of visitors flock every summer to take part. 

The Escape Maze: Agent Academy will open on 14th July and will run until 3rd September.  A first for the industry, it will feature a series of mental and physical problems which will need to be cracked in order to escape the maze. More details are to follow. 

Tickets are available at

25 May 2018

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