Client News: Can you break the code at the Escape Maze this summer?

Client News: Can you break the code at the Escape Maze this summer?

The team at FCM was on hand to help when top secret plans for the World’s first escape maize maze were unveiled at the National Forest Adventure Farm, in Tatenhill, Staffordshire.

The Agent Academy: Escape Maze design has been kept under lock and key until now. The intricate paths of the maze have been used to create a James Bond style secret agent. Other spy inspired design features include Morse code and a safe lock.

Visitors can take on the challenge of the escape maize maze by solving 10 interactive puzzles hidden within three miles of pathways to find the code and unlock the exit door.


Ivor Robinson, one of the two brothers who own the farm and the inspiration behind the design, travelled to America to explore the idea of merging an outdoor style escape room puzzle with the traditional maize maze.

He said he was excited at how the plan had turned out and that it gave the opportunity for a unique experience for visitors.

“The escape room concept within a maize maze has never been done before,” said Ivor. “Each year when we look at a theme for the maze we always want to make something that is a bit different and goes beyond just a normal maize maze.

“It’s been 65 years since the first James Bond novel - Casino Royal by Ian Fleming - was published in 1953. It seemed fitting to find Bond a new agent so he could finally retire after 65 years. The Agent Academy is a great family fun activity that will need teamwork as you put your skills to the test with physical and mental challenges.”

Adventure Farm Event Manager, Rosie Redvers-Jones, has spent the last few months pulling together 10 physical and mental tests which will be dotted around the maze. Each puzzle will reveal clues to help you find the code for exit door in order to escape, graduate agent academy and be in with the chance of winning an indoor family sky dive experience.

Expect to dodge rope laser beams, memorise clues and search dark barrels to unveil hidden codes and think outside the box to find hidden numbers.

“Each puzzle will present a new challenge,” said Rosie. “They are all family friendly but expect to have to hunt out the clues and be mentally and physically tested with the puzzles.”

Agent Academy: Escape Maze opens on Saturday 14th July and will run through to 3rd September.


Alongside the 10 acre escape maze, which will see the maize grow to a staggering 8ft by the end of the summer, there will also be a mini maze where youngsters will get the chance to collect stamps to free the farm animals kidnapped by baddie Dr Von Steal.

There is also a Mission Possible Obstacle Course with scramble nets, tyres, over and under bars and foam bullet shooting range.

More information is available at

Tickets cost £12.50 (online discounts available) and include entrance to the unique maize maze activities.


The Daniel Craig (aka James Bond) lookalike was booked via 


To see James Bond running around the maze view the BBC Radio Derby video:





10 Jul 2018

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